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Welcome to Vector Displays. We are glad you found our trade show exhibit company on the Internet.

If you are here, we assume you are concerned about your company's image and productivity at your next industry convention, trade show, or consumer exhibition. In many industries, you get one shot, once a year to make a good impression and capture the buyer, the contact information, and the sales leads you'll need for the next 12 months. Wow! That's pressure! Vector Displays employs a team of exhibition industry personnel who has years of experience on both sides of the trade show and convention experience in a variety of industries. Our exhibition company can help make your next trade show productive as well as increase the effectiveness of the direct-to-consumer convention exhibit you are planning. Your personal Vector Displays team will assist you from the early stage of planning which shows to attend, to packing up your exhibit booth after the show and shipping it back to you or storing it for you. Vector Displays, Inc is truly a full-service event coordinator! Productive trade show exhibit spaces are just a tool, but you need the right tool for the job. Event promoters only promise you an empty floor space and attendees that may walk by. If you are going to build a successful business, you need to know how to most effectively use the tools in your work belt. A great convention exhibit space is inviting and offers an element of curiosity that draws in qualified traffic and allows for casual conversation in front of product displays or, in larger spaces, some private areas for more confidential discussions.

A trade show experience goes far beyond the booth itself. A trade show is a major marketing tool and should be treated as one. That's why we offer our clients a thorough knowledge of integrated marketing and the strategic partnerships to bring your marketing to life. We help clients create targeted, integrated campaigns that produce amazing and measurable results.

Our exhibits company designs and implements complete marketing programs using strategic thinking and a careful examination of goals, objectives, resources, and budgets. We can perform a myriad of services including advertising, direct mail, online promotions, presentations, public relations, booth training, VIP events, contests, giveaways, packaging, and apparel. We pull it all together with incredible - and don't forget measurable results. At Vector Displays, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Because our exhibition design company consistently achieves this goal, our customers engage our services time and time again. Wouldn't it be comforting to know you only need to make one call to remove all the aggravation, stress, and hassles from your trade show appearances?

Be productive. Be memorable. Be effective in reaching consumers or decision-makers in the trade.
Call Vector Displays and allow us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.
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